Wrist Pain

Madhuri K

I saw Dr. Reddy for frozen shoulder issue. He and his staff are very professional, they worked with me based on how my shoulder/arm was responding by gradually adding different types of exercises. Also motivated me to take charge of my treatment and encouraged and guided me to do exercises at home, I saw lot of improvement in few sessions itself, I was not able to stretch my left arm when I went to him. He and his staff will go extra mile to help you feel better, you don't feel like you are just rushed for. They have lot of patience, would highly recommend anyone looking for PT.

Sally Huffman

Everyone knows A lot about what to do with the person who is there. They are kind and courteous. Everything is explained in a manner to understand what they are doing and what you need to have done.

S Rose

i went in with vertigo. the first treatment was hard to take, but with 2 more treatments, it was gone. The staff here is very reassuring and gentle. Very knowledgeable also. I recommend this group.

Keith Grubb

Dr Reddy has a wonderful kind team of Therapists. I had a couple issues that the addressed immediately and professionally. I am thankful I found this wonderful team!! I highly recommend!

Ian's Dad

Dr. Reddy has taught my teen son some effective do-at-home exercises that not only relieve the pain that comes from scoliosis; but will also help him gradually straighten his back over time. GRATEFUL!

Mark Mwema

Came to them for rehab after an auto accident and its just amazing how far I've come from the pain in my neck, shoulders and back and not being able lift my arms or move my neck or sleep or sit without pain. Dr. Reddy and his staff are amazing very knowledgeable and above all very friendly. Am glad to say am pain free and my range of mobility back to normal and ive learned alot of new ways to train my back and neck and shoulders. I most definitely recommend therapy fit for all your physical therapy needs.

Iron-A 35

I got diagnosed with Cervical Mylopathy and my doctor advised me to go for surgery because it would the only option to treat my problem. I had pain on the entire right side of my body from my neck to my toes and could not sit or stand or walk for more than 15 min without pain. As per my friend's advice, I went to Therapy Fit and started treatment. Dr. Reddy explained the problem and solution very well . He was checking on the progress and giving suggesions in every session. I noticed tremenduous improvement with just 4 sessions of treatment and got better week within a week. Great Staff and great treatment. I would definitely recommend Therapy Fit to anybody looking for a physical therapy clinic.

Steven Alexander

Dr. Reddy is wonderful. He treats you like a friend, laughs with you and always seems excited to see you. He and his staff care about your happiness and listen to your physical complaints with patience. This is important to me, having multiple issues that need addressing. He will field any question and is ready with suggested exercises and stretches to help you with any issue. The office is small and I was uncertain at first, but his approach, knowledge and personal physical fitness rapidly impressed me. They will be expanding soon, with more space and equipment. Even so, they do amazing work with what they currently have.

Shyam Mali

I went to Therapy Fit for my physical therapy for my tennis elbow recently. The entire staff was good. Dr. Reddy and his entire team put their experience and made sure i made excellent progress. Now I can lift and carry heavy weights without any pain or any joint limitation. I was even thinking of undergoing steroid or surgery in the beginning. But, after going through physical therapy at Therapy fit i do not need any steroid or surgery now. I recommend anyone with joint and muscle problems to see Therapy fit as a first choice.

Bruce Thomas

Dr. Reddy and his staff are very personable and professional. They go the extra mile to help you get the best physical therapy you need, motivate you, and educate you. They are genuinely concerned for your progress as a patient and want to see you get the results you came for.


This was my first ever physical therapy sessions. The therapist was extremely professional and patient.

Jennifer Hernandez

Therapy Fit Inc has helped my grandma recover great we don't have that long visiting and we have seen a lot of improvement. As soon as one comes in one is greeted with a smile and great attitude. I take my grandma there because of her damaged shoulder. All the therapy that she has received has helped her a lot to improve back her movement and reduce her pain. I highly recommend it. Everyone has a great attitude, they're patient, helpful, and they listen to all the corners one may have.

Sujatha Sundaram

Accurate diagnosis and excellent treatment by Anandi ,the therapist here. I had femoral nerve entrapment syndrome on the left thigh that the earlier therapy place i went for 6 weeks did not diagnose well. Anandi relieved the pain in just 1 visit using ultrasonic waves and IFT therapy that they offer..She spends the entire therapy hour teaching and working with you on the required exercises to strengthen the weak muscles.Most importantly they listened to me.Very flexible place that will see you for an emergency like once i had acute spasm of my neck muscles they immediately had me in and helped me with all they could do.Highly recommend for quick relief of pain and recovery.Thank you again Anandi and team.


My Therapy sessions helped me a lot to overcome the pain quickly. The exercises were quite effective to regain back to normal. The environment was good and the staff were very friendly.

Raja Kannapan

I am very glad with the service. The diagnostics was very good and the therapy has really helped for my speedy recovery.

Salai Sivamal

I had severe frozen shoulder, barely could lift my right hand. Tried several other methods, like chiropractic, acupuncture and cupping. But physical therapy with Dr Reddy worked like magic. Started feeling good within three visits. He also teaches the exercises, targets muscles where it matters. Best thing, I did not take x-ray or MRI, he truly relied on his expertise in diagnosing and solving the problem. I highly recommend Therapy Fit for any injuries. I started taking my son, for his posture correction, as kids are constantly electronics and phone, often leading to bad posture.

Susan Liggett

I was treated for my shoulder pain. When I came to this clinic I was very impressed and convinced enough by the physical therapy doctor here. He explained me all the reasons why shoulder pain comes how it progresses and what he can help with and how he will do it. Every time I was treated I was given a detailed information.i was also able to see good progress. I am now able to do everything I want to. I strongly recommend this place for any shoulder problems.

Debra Nelson

I received very good physical therapy here. Clinic looks simple. But the therapist is very good and knows what to do. I was suffering with stenosis in the spine that caused terrible back pain for months. After undergoing treatment here my pain has almost gone 80% less. This is much more than when I had steroid shot.I even put off my plans to undergo surgery. I am now continuing with home exercise that helps me maintain all that I got from this place.

Raju Tallapaneni

The care and treatment I have received recently from this place has been amazing. Dr. Gopinath is extremely knowledgeable and very personable. I recommend this place to anyone looking for skilled therapy.

Beverly Wells

I went to this center following back pain. I was diagnosed with Lumbar stenosis and disc herniation. After undergoing physical therapy for a few sessions I am almost completely recovered. great work by these therapists.

Janice Lewis

Very good customer service and great staff.The Physical therapy Doctor here was very knowledgeble and detailed my condition. On the first day he did detailed check up and made me sit with him and explain everything happening in my MRI in his computer clearly.I was very happy right from the beginning.I was originally recommended surgery for my back by my other doctor. But I put my trust with this Physical therapy Doctor and he got me through without any surgery. I can now do most of my activities after going through physical therapy here. I thank this clinic for making me strong again. I will give 10 star for the work.

Navaz Jha

One of the best in Texas for the elderly and everyone else. Dr Gopinath took care of my father for 10 months and was not very gentle and patient but firm as well. My father came to him with right side paralyzed and could not get up or sit up or walk independently with a walker. Dr Gopinath showed him a lot of ways that he could independently walk and get up on his own. He was very flexible with providing appointments. We will be definitely using his services in the future if needed.

Kalpana Thota

Had a few sessions now with Dr. Reddy and it feels great already. Highly recommended for all Physical therapy needs.

Phartheeb Kandasamy

Excellent place to get your physical therapy treatment.Doctor and supporting staffs are awesome and good thing full body balance and flexibility is concentrated.

Dennie Franklin

Thesis was a Great experience. I stated my goals when I first walked in ( not really walking, more like shuffling). My pain was constant,my posture was poor, and I’m at the age where falling is fatal. Reddy and the entire staff helped me Every step of the way. I now walk, stand with little pain. And I do not fear falling Therapy Fit not only gave my physical strength back but also gave me freedom to walk stand and move as I please. Thank all of you!

Mary Hildinger

I was very pleased with the success of my treatments, my stability and mobility greatly improved. I highly recommend therapy fit. The staff is so knowledgeable, kind and encouraging.

Rakesh Sanghvi

Excellent place to get your physical therapy treatment. Mr Gopal his wife are taking cares of their patients very nicely. I visited couple of other places before I visit them and I am very happy for my treatment.

Naila Khan

Staff are very welcoming, they also explain every process clearly, I like how there's privacy to do the therapy exercises too. I highly recommend this place

Emma K

I am very happy with the treatment from this facility. Would recommend to others in need of Physical therapy. I also pleased with the front office.

Cruz Charvarria

My doctor recommended Therapy Fit because the doctor at Therapy Fit is very hands on. Dr Reddy at Therapy Fit welcomed me on the first day and explained to me why I was having a problem and how he and his staff were going to help me over come it. After a half an hour we got to work. Dr Reddy spent the whole two hours with me. On all of the following visits Dr Reddy spent at least an hour with me every session constantly explaining, how and why. When his staff help me with my rehab the staffed also explained how and why. I always knew how all excersices were about to effect me, some caused some soreness for a day or so but they all worked and improved my condition. Dr Reddy has a staff that is very knowledgeable and friendly. I was never embarrassed when I failed to properly complete an exercise only encouraged. While at Therapy fit I saw a lot of improvement on all the patients. We all smiled often while working out and at the end of each session we felt that we were getting closer to out goals. Therapy Fit is a wonderful place thanks to Dr Reddy and his staff.

Kartik Thakur

Great place for Physical Therapy. Very trained and friendly staff. Loved the place. Great service! 

Indu Aggarwal

Therapy Fit is an excellent institution for Physiotherapy needs. Dr. Reddy is an experienced and knowledgeable doctor who does a thorough examination and explains well to the patient. His treatment is helping me make a good progress. Staff in the facility is extremely helpful and courteous. I would recommend this place to others in need.

T. Pitts

The therapist is very nice and knowledgeable.He knows what he was doing. Got me much better than I expected. I can do shopping on my own now. I will recommend this place for physical therapy.

Kamilah Willis

I was in so much pain before coming to Therapy Fit. I needed to strengthen my core to support my mid-section. The staff is wonderful, supportive and commitment to the care of their patients.

Ann Derritt

I love this place and the staff is very friendly. Dr Reddy is a fantastic therapist he is skilled in treating upper and lower mobilities. I like Andrea too, she works with me alot and works miracles with her massages.

Juliani Lu

I did my outpatient observation hours here and I had a wonderful time. The PT taught me a lot of useful exercises and treatment techniques that gave me a good idea how physical therapy works. The PT and his staff are very nice and informative. I recommend any student to do their observation hours here if they are planning to go to PT school. You will have a great time!

Himanshu P.

I have been taking my 10 year old son after a knee injury during gymnastices. Though not specialised in sports therapy, the therapist was able to work with my son healing him in just 2 sessions.

Janet W.

Therapy Fit is a warm friendly professional environment. The doctor was knowledgable and committed to helping me reach my goal.

Connie C.

I did not have a lot of happiness in my life when i first came here. The pain and limitations were so bad. It felt as though i was going to have learn pain management.

Dylan S.

I came to therapy for with significant pain in my ankles and now after minimal sessions I can workout and do all my daily activities with no pain.

Deepa A.

Excellent service.nice therapists.overall satisfied with the theraphy sessions undergone here.will definetly recommend this place.

Aarti P.

Have been taking my mother in law for her knee pain since past 4 weeks, she's been experiencing a dramatic difference. We had tried therapy before but nothing worked as great before.

SriRam A.

Very detailed and knowledgable personnel. First thing is they listen and assess your condition accurately. So the treatment is very effective. I had relief within the 1st week.

Vicki Mc.

Physical therapy here was very beneficial. i will recommend this to anyone who needs to get better from chronic pain. Therapists are very nice and loving.

Murali V.

I am happy to write that I received outstanding service at this practice and would highly recommend for anyone looking for physical therapy. The therapist is very thorough and patient.

Annette L.

I received outstanding, courteous and professional care for my legs and right shoulder. The progressions of flexibility, strength and balance not only got me back to golf sooner, but also healthier.